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   PT scheme database

The EPTIS PT scheme database is our core - and by far largest - service. It contains factsheets for a large number of PT schemes worldwide (a PT scheme is a coherent series of one or more proficiency testing rounds). A listing is only open to PT providers who are based in our member countries. Check our membership to see if your country is one of them. If not, you may consider to join the network.

How to submit your PT scheme for inclusion in the database: (1) Go to the EPTIS database, (2) Click on the user icon on top of the screen, (3) Select Login (if you are already registered) or Register (if not), (4) Complete the forms, and start creating your PT schemes. You can save your drafts for later use or submit them if they are ready for publishing. Our coordinators will review your submissions and approve (or reject) them for publication. For further details, see our brief one-pagers how to register for EPTIS and how to manage my PT schemes on EPTIS

   PT round calendar

The EPTIS PT round calendar complements the PT scheme database perfectly by showing which PT rounds are coming up next. The calendar is open for announcements from all PT providers worldwide. We think the calendar is a great service, both for laboratories and PT providers. Especially if you are looking for additional participants for a new or small PT round, the calendar helps by bringing it to the attention of the international lab community. The fee for inclusion of one PT round in the calendar is 80 euro net. The format is a few keywords on matrix and parameters plus one or two links to a flyer, your website, or the corresponding entry in the EPTIS database. The earlier you announce your PT round, the longer it remains on the list and the better its visibility. Once your registration date is approaching, we additionally highlight your round on the EPTIS front page. Please contact us at eptis[at] for further details.

   Event calendar

The EPTIS event calendar is a small and additional service. It covers more than the PT sector alone because we think our visitors are also interested in closely related topics. Moreover, it is our aim to start offering CRM info on our website as well in future - so this is already a first step towards having this broader scope. Should you share our interest in the event calendar and wish to advertise your events here, please let us know. Presently, there is no cost involved.


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