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   EPTIS database

EPTIS helps you find a suitable proficiency testing (PT) scheme for your laboratory (a PT scheme is a coherent series of one or more proficiency testing rounds). For a large number of schemes we have produced data sheets and collected them in the PT scheme database. What is not included in the database is topical information on next PT rounds (a PT round is a single proficiency test, often carried out in the frame of a PT scheme). When is the next round, and what is the matrix material this time? This information is too dynamic as to be included in the database. But you can find such details for a selection of schemes in our PT calendar.

At present, a listing on the database is only open to PT providers from countries that are covered by our so-called coordinators. They check the plausibility of the data sheet submissions and decide on their publication. They speak the language and are ideally familiar with local PT providers and cultural peculiarities. This helps to safeguard a reasonable level of database quality. There is no cost for PT providers who follow this basic mechanism.

   EPTIS Consortium

The EPTIS database is a joint publication of a worldwide consortium of organizations. The members of this consortium are all involved in PT in one way or another and play a prominent role in national or international quality infrastructures. There are coordinating members, who play a more active role in EPTIS, and supporting members who provide a more intangible backup. Overall coordinator of EPTIS is the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Germany.

A peek into our history: the European PT Information System or EPTIS was the name of an EU project that aimed at making an inventory of regularly operated PT schemes in the participating countries. The project partners were major national laboratories and institutes. The project resulted in a database with 590 PT schemes called the EPTIS database which went online in 2000. After the project had ended, the 16 partners agreed to continue the development on a voluntary and not-for-profit basis. They laid down the rules of their cooperation in a Joint Protocol and invited further organizations to join. A large number of organizations has followed their invitation in the meantime: today, the EPTIS database lists around 5,000 PT schemes from around 40 countries worldwide - and it's still growing. So, who are our present members:


EGAC Egyptian Accreditation Council | Contact: Ms. Basma Taha Hussien
Pan African region
NMISA National Metrology Institute of South Africa | Contact: Mr. Donald Masuku


OAA Organismo Argentino de Acreditación | Contact: Ms. Eliana Ditta
IBMETRO Instituto Boliviano de Metrología | Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Choque Mamani
INMETRO Instituto Nacional de Metrologia, Qualidade e Tecnologia | Contact: Mr. José Ricardo Bardellini da Silva
SCC Standards Council of Canada | Contact: Mr. Vivekananthan Kulasingham
INN Instituto Nacional de Normalización| Contact: Mr. Manuel Navarrete Rossel
ONAC Organismo Nacional de Acreditación de Colombia | Contact: Mr. Mauricio Rodríquez
Costa Rica
ECA Entidad Costarricense de Acreditación | Contact: Mr. Humberto Mora
ONARC Órgano Nacional de Acreditación | Contact: Mr. Adalberto Collazo Palacios
SAE Servicio de Acreditación del Ecuador | Contact: Mr. Walter Pérez
OGA Oficina Guatemalteca de Acreditación | Contact: Mr. Erik Alvarado
OHA Oficina Hondureña de Acreditación | Contact: Ms. Liza Madride
EMA Entidad Maxicana de Acreditación | Contact: Mr. Luis Enrique Ortiz Martinez
ONA Oficina Nacional de Acreditación | Contact: Mr. Samuel Orogena
CNA Comisión Nacional de Acreditación | Contact: Mr. Jairo Valdese
ONA Organismo Nacional de Acreditación | Contact: Ms. Johana Lucía Blanco Benítez
INACAL Instituto Nacional de Calidad | Contact: ask Secretariat
El Salvador
CONACYT Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología El Salvador | Contact: Ms. Wendy Regaladoe
OUA Organismo Uruguayo de Acreditación | Contact: Ms. Liliana Somma
United States
Contact: ask Secretariat


CNAS China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment | Contact: Mr. Ping He
Gulf region
GSO, the Standardization Organization of GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council | Contact: Mr. Ibrahim Alhashaf
South Korea
KOLAS Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme | Contact: Ms. Jeong-min Han
Ministry of Public Health, Department of Medical Sciences | Contact: Ms. Patravee Soisangwan
TSE Turkish Standards Institution | Contact: Mr. Ömer Faruk Altuntaş
AoV Accreditation of Vietnam | Contact: Mr. Nguyen Tu Tuan Anh


NMI National Measurement Institute | Contact: Ms. Luminita Antin


BMAW Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft | Contact: Mr. Heinz Fröschl
BelGIM Belarussian State Institute of Metrology | Contact: Ms. Vera Naidenova
VITO Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek | Contact: Mr. Rudy van Cleuvenbergen
Czech Republic
CMI Ceský Metrologický Institut | Contact: Ms. Simona Klenovská
DMU Danmarcks Miljøundersøgelser | Contact: Ms. Pia Lassen
SYKE Suomen ympäristökeskus | Contact: Ms. Mirja Leivuori
LNE Laboratoire National d'Essais | Contact: Mr. Patrick Bironneau
BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung | Contact: Mr. Johannes van de Kreeke (Secretariat)
GCSL General Chemical State Laboratory | Contact: Ms. Vicky Nikou
NMI National Metrology Laboratory | Contact: Mr. Paul Hetherington
and State Laboratory | Contact: Ms. Ita Kinahan
UNICHIM Associazione per l’Unificazione nel Settore dell’Industria Chimica | Contact: Ms. Laura Galli
VSL Dutch Metrology Institute | Contact: Mr. Peter van Otterloo
NIVA Norsk Institutt for Vannforskning | Contact: ask Secretariat
RELACRE Associação de Laboratoriós Acreditados de Portugal | Contact: Ms. Ana Maria Duarte
SLM - Slovenská Legálna Metrológia | Contact: Ms. Laura Gruberová
MIRS - Urad RS za meroslovje | Contact: ask Secretariat
LGC Standards | Contact: Mr. Miquel Navarro
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden | Contact: Mr. Bertil Magnusson
SAS Schweizerische Akkreditierungsstelle | Contact: Mr. Ian Mann
United Kingdom
LGC Standards | Contact: Mr. Savvas Xystouris
Ukrmetrteststandard | Contact: Ms. Yelizaveta Tarasenko


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