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There are many PT schemes operated worldwide. You find a large share of them in our database. Really frequently operated schemes, no one-off, single PT rounds. Try and browse our database, it is free and easy to use. Examples for your database query:

legionella water
color colour textile
radioact* environm*

Found a suitable PT scheme? Please contact its provider directly for further info. Good luck!


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The PT round calendar lists an (admittedly still rather small) selection of next PT rounds. The mini fee that we ask for inclusion in this list helps EPTIS to continue its service. Coming up next:

OFI | Plastics, geosynthetics, rubber: physical and chemical properties
IMS Institute | Fly ash: chemistry
UCLSB | Aggregates, bitumen (and products): Physical-mechanical properties
IMS Institute | Bitumen: density, needle penetration, softening point
IMS Institute | Environmental noise: indoors noise level
Eurofins Food & Agro Testing | Water and food: microbiology
Qualitycheck | Water and wastewater: microbiology, chemistry and physico-chemistry
Geological Company | Aggregate and natural stone: physical properties
Institute of Metrology | Alloys used for jewellery: gold and silver determination

... and more.


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